Floor Polishing

A perfectly polished timber floor not only looks great, it breaths new life and adds value to your home or business. We believe that a timber floor is a work of art that deserves attention to detail, through superior workmanship and the use of the highest quality products available.

When you instruct Wood Wonders to undertake your floor polishing needs we consult you to better understand exactly what your desired outcome is, whether you are after a high gloss, satin or somewhere in between. We then thoroughly inspect the site and determine any preliminary work, such as levelling, repair work or any other factor which may affect the outcome of the job, which needs to be attended to before the floor sanding and polishing takes place.

When it comes to floor polishing, it is of utmost importance to use the best quality products available. At Wood Wonders we use the most respected, proven brands, including Polycure for indoor applications and Cutek oils for exterior decking.

Therefore the Polycure coating systems Wood Wonders use provide excellent wear resistance and true lasting strength unlike water based options which are thin and have no body(thickness) to the coating that is between your feet and the timber that is being protected.

Cutek Oils have been tried and tested in Queensland conditions and sell themselves as most exterior coating systems are a film on top of your timber decking, which is rapidly attacked and destroyed by the elements. The Cutek difference is that it penetrates deep into the timber, hence leaving no-where for moisture to soak into the timber, the water beads off before your eyes. There is then a tint added which protects the timber from UV damage which is the cracking that appears in timber if left unprotected. After applying Cutek oils your timber deck should NEVER need to be sanded again.

If you're after the highest quality timber floor sanding and polishing Newcastle and the Hunter has to offer, give us a call or send us an email. We'll respond quickly and get your floors shining exquisitely in no time. Our team are fully trained in all aspects of timber floor sanding and polishing services, resulting in a controlled process you can rely on to provide the high standards you expect from professionals.

Whether you have a home, sporting hall, warehouse, restaurant or business, if you have timber flooring get in contact with Wood Wonders.

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